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Alphabioregen is a Regenerative Medicine based biotechnology company, located in Cambridge Massachusetts. We specialize in providing you with a unique approach to 3D tissue engineering, helping you reach your specific research goals. Our team of experts,will help you recognize the problems and take action to decrease or eliminate potential impacts to your research by using 3D tissue models that mimic organs of the living host.3D tissue models provide a means for systematic and pharmacodynamic analysis of drugs. At Alphabioregen we understand very well creating the more biologically relevant third dimension of tissue models requires a multidisciplinary approach and multidisciplinary expertise. Moving into the third dimension of drug discovery and develpment weaves together engineers,biologists and pharmacologists. As with any 3D model, each speciality provides insights into the complete system advancing drug discovery and development,from designing the bioreactors,developing the 3D models,studying healthy versus diseased states, to utilizing drug screening assays.

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