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EnoGene Biotech Co. Ltd, is a biological high-tech corporation that specializes in developing and production of antibody related products for biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology and other reagents in general laboratory use. EnoGene Biotech possesses advanced equipments, a highly experienced professional team, and the first class laboratory technology to offer the best products and services to universities, colleges, academes and institutes. At the same time, EnoGene Biotech focuses on transferring and developing the innovative research findings to reagent products. We will contribute to the development of biomedical research with our continuous new products.

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Prodotto Codice Prezzo
Quantitative Detection Kit,For Hepatitis B Virus Specific T Cells E32H004

ELISPOT, 11 samples/99-well removable strips, precoated

€ 2.376,00 Contattaci
Annexin V-iFluor 488 + PI Apoptosis Detection Reagent E34M001D

50 rxn

€ 297,00 Contattaci
Annexin V-iFluor 594 + 7-AAD Apoptosis Detection Reagent E34M002D

50 rxn

€ 297,00 Contattaci
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