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List Biological Laboratories

list biological

List Biological Laboratories was founded in 1978 by Linda Shoer. Cholera toxin, the first product, was sought after by those doing research in signal transduction and by others using the toxin B subunit to label neurons. At that time there were no commercial suppliers of this toxin. Our company has always focused on quality bacterial toxins, which you can depend on for your research. Because toxins have been the basis for many vaccines, List Labs products have supported vaccine development. List Labs was the first to commercialize many bacterial toxins for research, including C.difficile toxins and pertussis toxin. Today, we remain uniquely focused on manufacturing, offering and supporting a wide range of bacterial products. Today, the catalog offers over 100 products including toxins, peptides, antibodies and lipopolysaccharides. Many of our employees have worked together for decades. In 2008, we built out a new lab, complete with state of the art equipment, enabling We Serve the Global Research Community List Labs' heart is in the science and the discovery of innovative reagents. Our office is located in Campbell, California, in Silicon Valley. We serve the global research community with an expanding group of distributors. Years of experience translate into expertise in the production, shipment and handling of dangerous goods.

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