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Lena Biosciences, innovative 3D cell culture tools for life sciences Lena Biosciences is a biotechnology company and a pioneer of advanced, organ-on-a-chip and 3D cell culture products for drug testing and biomedical research. Our products improve drug metabolism by up to 5 times which can potentially save millions of dollars in animal and human testing. Lena Biosciences spun-off from the Georgia Institute of Technology. The company received prestigious awards from the Georgia Research Alliance, the National Institutes of Health, and the National Science Foundation that contributed to development and commercialization of patented technologies for engineering tissue equivalents, perfusion, vascularization and assay development. Lena Biosciences’ laboratory facilities are currently located at the Georgia Tech campus in the Advanced Technology Development Center for Biosciences. Lena Biosciences is proud to be an ATDC Accelerate Company. Lena Biosciences’ product portfolio includes PerfusionPal,™ organ-on-a-chip insert system, SeedEZ™ 3D cell culture scaffold, and GradientEZ™ platform for cell migration assays. The products fit into routine screening protocols (format/assay/readout) yet offer endless possibilities for user customization without capital investments into new equipment or personnel training; thus saving time and money. PerfusionPal™ is a high-throughput organ-on-a-chip insert system that yields 2-5 times increase in drug metabolism via superior culture oxygenation and perfusion. It supports plurality of tissue models using cells from various donors and requires attachment of just one tube to enable perfusion. PerfusionPal enables customers to identify parent drug deletion, metabolite formation and cytokine release at a fraction of the cost and time of comparable assays. It is suitable for testing both drugs and biologics such as monoclonal antibodies and antibody-drug-conjugates, and off-target toxicity to cell therapies. SeedEZ™ scaffold enables scientists to culture cells in three dimensions to simulate living tissues and assess function with improved physiological relevance. Chemical, physical and dimensional properties of SeedEZ are carefully optimized to enable researchers to simply Spot-a-Culture™ by dispensing cells using an ordinary micropipette in order to develop consistent and reproducible tissue models, and then to Spot-a-Drug™ and run assays in situ. SeedEZ supports diverse tissue models serving rapidly expanding 3D cell culture, phenotypic screening and ADME/Tox markets with recognized returns in discovery and cost. GradientEZ™ enables researchers to run cell motility, migration, invasion and chemo-invasion assays in three dimensions, in a manner analogous to in vivo situation, for more predictive results, and to generate complex, yet reproducible gradients of test compounds on-demand without complicated microfluidic setups and throughput limitations. Lena Biosciences, a hub where tissue fingerprinting becomes a reality

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